Laser Driver (3 section): DC450M

HIGH current at HIGH Data rates into HIGH power laser diodes

image The first High Speed Driver for High Power Lasers that combines up to 1500mA at a data rate up to 450Mbit/s.
Ideal solution for 3-section laser diodes.

The driver system consists of a Controller Unit and an optical bench mountable PCB to connect to the Interface board. The controller device has three independent channels to connect data to the laser under test. Each channel can be switched to normal operation, OFF state or to permanent logic high level. The contribution of each channel can be continuously adjusted up to the max. current level. A seperate Bias can be offset to the data signal. Bias as well as the data signals are mixed together and brought to the Laser under test.

New generation of Laser Drivers

  • Accepts 3 independent Data Channels
  • Additional Independent Bias
  • Easy operation
  • Up to 1500mA Laser current under modulation
  • Monitor output for combined laser signal
  • Data Rate DC to 450 Mbit/s continuously
  • Multiple optical logical data level
  • Ideal for 3-Section laser diodes