Global Warranty

Depending on country and region, please refer to contacts to find a LUCEO Warranty center around the globe.


Helping yourself with Whitepapers and Spec Sheets available for custommers to download or read online.


If you have any questions about our warranty offer, please get in touch with our Sales Department.

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Frequently asked questions

Some basic uestions as well as hints for operation can be found in this question - answer list.

Data sheets

Get all the detalied specifications and options. You need to be logged in.


How to operate the devices and how to program it. You need to be logged in.

Graphical User Interface

Download the latest user interface, tools drivers and more. You need to be logged in.

Application notes

Background information about methods and physics as well as hints about operation.You need to be logged in.

Special Support

additional and optional services

For special conditions we offer optional support service for 3 years that include:

  • Telephone and email support
  • Onsite education and training